Virgin Bloody Caesar


  • Steak spices, to taste
  • Ice cubes
  • 4 ounces Walter Craft Caesar mix
  • Tabasco sauce, to taste
  • Ground black pepper, pinch
  • 1 lemon wedge (or lime)
  • Garnishes: Basil and thyme sprig, green olives, lime wedge, celery stalk, oyster, jumbo shrimp, whole pickle, jalapeño

Cooking Directions

  • To rim the glass: Rub a lemon or lime wedge around the rim, put the steak spices on a small plate then dip the rim of the glass in spices.
  • Fill the glass with ice cubes.
  • Add Walters Craft Caesar mix and season with black pepper.
  • Add some Tabasco sauce and mix thoroughly.
  • Let’s garnish! Use basil and thyme sprigs, 2 speared green olives, a lime wedge, a celery stalk, a cooked shrimp, a whole pickle, a jalapeño or even an oyster. Leave it to your imagination!
  • Sit by the pool and enjoy!
  • *Add an ounce of your favourite vodka for an alcoholic version.

Ingredients in this Recipe

  • Walter Caesar Mix 946ml

  • Tabasco Pepper Sauce 57ml

  • Lemons

    per unit

    Supermarché PA Lemons per unit

  • Limes

    per unit

    Supermarché PA Limes per unit

  • Dome Herbs

    per unit

    Dome Herbs per unit

  • Green Lebanese Olives

    approx. package 200g

    Supermarché PA Green Lebanese Olives approx. package 200g

  • Celery

    per unit

    Supermarché PA Celery per unit

  • Supermarché PA Malpèque Oysters Box Case of 25

  • Wolski Polish Dill Pickles 750ml

  • Supermarché PA Jalapeño Peppers 5 units